Jourdan & Josh at The Roxbury Barn, Roxbury NY

Art direction, oh art direction! No matter where we placed our cameras, stunning images seemed to just leap out at us. Ok, so we have our own tricks too, but man were we impressed with all the beauty we had to work with! Jourdan and Joshua had a vision and it was as though the world conspired to make that vision a reality for just one perfect day. The Roxbury Barn was beyond gorgeous. The weather was amazing, especially for video. The flowers were unimaginably lush. The groom and his posse were dressed to the nines. The bride’s maids were like forest sirens waiting on their Grecian goddess, Jourdan. And the party flowed like the wine; generously and with abandon. This one is not to be missed!

  • Date

    02 May 2013
  • Categories

    Conceptual, Still Life

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